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Museum for the United Nations - UN Live
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A new global museum

The Museum for the United Nations - UN Live is a new and visionary global museum.

Our mission is to connect people everywhere to the work and values of the United Nations, and to dramatically increase the number of people who help achieve its goals.

Launching in 2019, we will exist as a free and fully-accessible digital platform, as an empowered network of institutions, partners and individuals, and in new and radical public spaces on the ground. Together, we want to inspire billions to take action.

We believe that to be truly global, we must be local everywhere. We aim to connect our partners with a powerful and impactful global community for change.

Key to the museum’s work will be a world-class experience centre and headquarters in Copenhagen. This unconventional creative space, gathering place, laboratory, and civic classroom will be a destination where our partnerships and programmes can connect with the public and global audiences in real time.

Our History

The idea for a new global museum as an unconventional and innovative tool to mobilise millions originated in 2014.

In 2016, UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban-Ki Moon formally endorsed the museum and authorised it to use the name: The Museum for the United Nations - UN Live.

Since then, a growing team has been working to develop and incubate the concept, to define the impact we aim for, to plan our experience centre and pilot programmes, and to work out how our vision would be brought to life.

The Museum for the United Nations - UN Live is an independent not-for-profit NGO registered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are close to, but not part of the United Nations. We are privately funded with additional support from the Danish government and the city of Copenhagen, as part of a growing consortium of backers.

Our People

Molly Fannon

The museum is led by Molly Fannon, who joined as CEO in 2019.

Molly’s international career has spanned global development work, strategy in the cultural sector, fundraising and academia. Most recently, as Director of the Smithsonian’s Office of International Relations and Global Program, she oversaw global partnership work across the work of the entire Institution, uniting the sciences, art, culture, and education.

“I am thrilled to be leading the team getting this inspirational global project off the ground. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need institutions that truly embrace new voices, that listen with deep curiosity and empathy, and that, by embracing experimentation and risk-taking, drive action.”

Three committees have helped drive our development. They have been led by: Lars Nittve (Chair, Building Committee), Jimmy Maymann (Chair, Online Committee) and Olafur Eliasson (Chair, Design and Content Committee).

Our Global Leadership Council is a group of inspirational leaders in sustainable development drawn from diverse regions and backgrounds. They provide support and guidance to the Museum and its activities.

Ban Ki-moon

Former UN Secretary- General

Ahmad Alhendawi

Secretary-General, World Organization of Scout

Darren Walker

President, Ford Foundation


Founder, Tiwale

Ilwad Elman

Director of Programs & Development, Elman Peace HRC

Jesper Nygård

CEO, Realdania

Ricardo Piquet

President, Museum of Tomorrow

Trisha Shetty

Founder, SheSays

Our Board of Directors support our executive leadership and steer the Museum’s strategic direction and compliance.

Jan Mattsson (Chair)

Co-Founder, Museum for the United Nations - UN Live

Gunvor Kronman

CEO, Hanaholmen

Jakob Simonsen

Consultant and Mentor

Charlotte Flindt Pedersen

CEO of the Danish Foreign Policy Society

Julia Goldin

Global Chief Marketing Officer, LEGO

Kathleen Cravero

Professor of Practice at the University of Bridgeport

Mizinga Melu

Managing Director for Barclays Bank Zambia

Steen Andersen

Former Executive Director of UNICEF Denmark

Our Supporters

Museum for the United Nations - UN Live is being made possible thanks to an extraordinary collaborative effort from hundreds of people and organisations from all disciplines and every corner of the world. We are hugely grateful for all the care, curiosity and excitement that people share and bring to the project.

Dedicated thanks go to:


  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • Bikubenfonden
  • Det Obelske Familiefond
  • Dreyers Fond
  • Hempel Fonden
  • Hermod Lannungs Fond
  • Nordeafonden
  • Rambøll Foundation
  • Realdania


  • AKQA
  • Dalberg
  • Danida
  • Designit
  • Horten
  • Isobar
  • Nordic Development Cooperation
  • NREP
  • PwC


  • Alexander Aghassipour, Zendesk
  • Anders Eldrup, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
  • Annemette Færch
  • Preben Damgaard, Damgaard Company A/S
  • Henrik Lind, Danske Commodities
  • Jeppe Laurids Hedaa, 7N
  • Mikkel Bülow-Lehnsby, NREP
  • Rasmus Nørgaard, NREP
  • Søren Vestergaard Poulsen, CVC Capital Partners
  • Torben Wind

Join In

Our online network of friends, partners, and supporters is growing.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, have an idea, or have a question about our work, please get in touch right away on Please also email with any press enquiries.

For the most up-to-date news on our activities, events and opportunities, please follow our social media accounts or leave your details below to receive news from us direct.