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Museum for the United Nations - UN Live
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Who we are and why we exist

We are the Museum for the United Nations - UN Live, an independent institution created to connect people everywhere to the work and values of the United Nations by dramatically increasing the number of people who work to achieve its goals.

We are not a conventional museum. We are a new kind of cultural institution – one that aims to use the power of creativity and culture to engage and empower billions of people to take action towards a more sustainable, hopeful world.

Artist Bankslave, participant at a My Mark: My City event in Nairobi, adds to a mural imagining what their city could look like in a more sustainable future. Photo: Dennis Gikonyo

In 2015, as the UN’slandmark Sustainable Development Goals were being ratified, our three cofounders – Olafur Eliasson, Jan Mattsson, and Henrik Skovby – saw that in order for these ambitious goals to be successful, the world would need a new organisation that would bring the work of the UN closer to its people, and give them the power to act as part of an optimistic, connected, and global movement.

In 2016, the UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon formally endorsed the museum and the Museum for the United Nations - UN Live was created.

Artist Aldo Álvarez Tostado installs a fence along the water's edge close to San Pacho, Mexico to encourage visitors to reflect on how humans attempt to own and control the natural world. Commissioned as part of My Mark: My City. Photo: Aldo Álvarez Tostado

Since then, our growing international team has been developing and incubating a programme that brings our vision to life, and we have started to build a global network of partners who will be vital to our success. As we find ourselves navigating the reality of Covid-19, the need for solidarity, as well as multilateralism to address the world’s largest challenges has never been clearer. Our mission, our role, and our work all have more relevance and urgency than ever before.

My Mark: My City participants in Nairobi put some elbow grease into cleaning up their city as part of 2019’s annual Place Making Week. Photo: John Wambugu

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Museum for the United Nations - UN Live